Logo, Indentity, Illustration, Vehicle Wrap and Graphic Design

My name is Derek Highet and I'm based in Redding CA. I specialize in vehicle wrap design and identity design. I want to give you a complete and comprehensive look to your brand. From the digital, to the tangible; including your building signs, fleet graphics, down to your letterhead and website.

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Identity Design

More than just logo design, it is the face of your company. Your identity design dictates everything from how you are received to how it is used in any medium. This is especially important for fleet based companies such as HVAC.

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Vehicle Wrap

The wrap industry has grown as more people realize how valuable vehicle advertising is. With the right vehicle wrap design, you can get a huge return.

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About Me

Born and raised in Redding CA, I've been doing graphic design for over 13 years. From sketching, websites, illustrating, to working in house for full service sign companies. With over five years of sign industry experience, I've taught my self how to design a disruptive vehicle wrap that were print and install ready.